Based in Florida, Headhunter manufactures sanitation systems and plumbing products for a variety of applications.
Founded in 1982 to provide marine plumbing services to the yachting community of South Florida, Headhunter quickly grew into manufacturing. Their first patented product, developed in the mid 1980�s, gained notoriety for reliability and trouble free operation. It's known today as the Royal Flush Classic toilet and was the first marine toilet to ever include a five-year warranty. Over the past 20 years Headhunter's product line has expanded to include:
  • Water filtration systems
  • Water pressure systems
  • Tank Level Indication
  • More Toilets
  • Wastewater collection and transfer systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plants and Systems
  • Electrical Controls
Today Headhunter's products can be found far beyond the gleaming interiors of luxury yachts where they started. Headhunter toilets and sanitation solutions are found on:
  • Offshore supply boats, tugboats, workboats and push boats
  • Commercial fishing vessels
  • Live-a-board scuba and ecotourism excursion vessels
  • Mini and ultra luxury cruise ships
  • Mobile and fixed offshore structures for the oil industry
  • Domestic and foreign navies
  • Floating casinos
  • Luxurious containerized mobile restrooms
For more information on Headhunter products and services, please contact Rob Marine.


New Wave Marina
Simpson Bay Lagoon
Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Ph: 1 721 554-6333

Manuel Reef Marina
Sea Cows Bay, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
Ph: 1 284 542-0691
Fax: 1 410 510-1535
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